Winter Tuxes

Winter Tuxes


If you’re having a winter wedding, it’s definitely a great time to think about finding the perfect wedding dress and all the other necessary parts of a fabulous wedding. What’s just as important? Finding the perfect tuxes for the members of your wedding party! We've got everything you need, from the groom to the groomsmen! Here are some tips for finding the perfect winter tuxes:


Make sure your tuxes match your wedding colors and scheme
Colors used in the bridesmaids' dresses and bouquets are often worn by men as accents. The vests, pocket squares, and ties should be in a dominant hue. The boutonnières can also reflect your wedding style. Use holly instead of blooms for your winter wedding, or ask the florist to incorporate tiny snowflake charms into the flowers.



Use Accessories to Add Personality

It's true that all the men will match, but you can still have fun with accessories that show off their individual styles. Under his dress shirt, let each guy wear a T-shirt from his favorite singer or show off a cool pair of socks. Think of how fun the photos highlighting these details will be!


For winter wedding tuxedos, choose the right fabrics

Tuxedos with tight weaves are excellent options for cool weather events. This includes tweed, crushed velvet, and wool blends. The heavy fabric of these fabrics keeps the men of the bridal party extra warm and cozy throughout the day.



Wear your tux with classic winter wear

There's nothing better than adding those iconic, elegant extras to a winter wedding. Grooms should wear velvet-lined winter ponchos or tailored overcoats to and from their events. Black derby hats, wool top hats, or felt fedoras also look sharp on winter wedding tuxedos!



Don't let the groom blend in with the men

To make the groom stand out as the man of the day, his wedding day look should coordinate with the groomsmen, but reflect a few key differences. Alternatively, the groom can choose a jacket style that contrasts with the bride's dress. As a way to unify their looks, the groom's pocket square or boutonnière often coordinates with the bride's bouquet.


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