What to wear during bridal shopping

What to wear during bridal shopping

We know that finding the dress of your dreams can feel like a whirlwind of excitement, anticipation, and maybe just a touch of nerves. That’s why at Dublin Bridal, we want to make your bridal shopping experience as seamless and magical as possible. One way to ensure you have the best experience? Dress the part!


So, what exactly should you wear when you come to browse our stunning collection of bridal gowns? We’ve got you covered with some tips to help you feel comfortable, confident, and ready to say "yes" to the dress.


Comfort is Key


First and foremost, prioritize comfort. You'll be trying on various dresses, moving around, and potentially spending a few hours in the boutique. Opt for clothing that is easy to slip on and off, like leggings or a simple dress. Comfortable shoes are a must, as you’ll likely be doing some walking around.  


Keep it Simple

While it’s tempting to dress to the nines for such a special occasion, simplicity is key. Choose outfits that are easy to change in and out of, so you can quickly transition between dresses without any fuss.


Undergarments Matter
Don’t forget about your undergarments! Wear nude-colored seamless underwear and a well-fitting strapless bra or a bra with clear straps. This will ensure that you can easily envision how each dress will look on your big day without any distractions.

Hair and Makeup: Consider wearing your hair and makeup in a way that makes you feel beautiful but is also easy to adjust. You’ll want to be able to envision how different dresses will look with various hairstyles and makeup looks.


While it’s not necessary to bring accessories to your appointment, if you have a special piece of jewelry or veil that you plan to wear on your wedding day, feel free to bring it along. It can help you get a better idea of how your entire bridal look will come together.



A Positive Attitude
Most importantly, bring a positive attitude and an open mind. Bridal shopping is an exciting journey, and keeping an open mind will allow you to explore different styles and silhouettes you may not have considered before.


At Dublin Bridal, we are here to help you find the dress of your dreams. Our experienced consultants are dedicated to providing you with personalized attention and guidance every step of the way. So, what are you waiting for? Book your appointment with us today and let’s find the perfect dress for your special day!