What To Expect at Your First Bridal Appointment!

What To Expect at Your First Bridal Appointment!

Getting engaged is SO exciting! But between frantically planning your dream wedding in your head and perfectly crafting that social media post, it can get pretty draining. Of all the tough choices you have to make, shopping for your dream wedding gown is seriously the most fun part of the whole process! And for many brides, this will be the very first time they’ve ever put on such a glamorous gown. So it’s a little intimidating, honestly. There’s a lot of internal (and external) pressure to find “the one.” That’s where we come in!


Booking your bridal appointment with us at Dublin Bridal is the first step toward finding your dream dress! Now that your calendar is marked, it’s time to get prepped for your appointment. It might sound silly to prepare for a shopping trip, but this is a whole ‘nother ball game from any old shopping trip. Here are some things you should keep in mind:



Carefully Choose Your Undergarments

One thing’s for sure, you definitely want to be prepared with the proper undergarments for your bridal appointment! This is because undergarments can significantly impact the way a dress looks on you. While many fabrics are structured and forgiving, some can be a little clingy. A good pair of Spanx can help you see what the gown will look like on your wedding day! We also want to note that while many gowns have cups in them (yay for going braless!), some dresses will need to be tried on with a bra. It’s best to wear one of those multi-functional bras that can be strapless, have one strap, or both in case you need it.


Go Easy On The Hair & Makeup

 We totally understand the temptation to come in with a full face and perfectly coiffed hair for your appointment, especially so you can visualize the entire look for your wedding day. That said, trying on lots of bridal gowns is hard work! It’s likely that some of the dresses you try on will have to go over your head, meaning that you could easily smudge your eyeliner or lipstick all over the beautiful dress. It’s definitely okay to wear makeup, but keep it to a minimum. Try to avoid spray tans beforehand, too!


You’re Going To Try On Many Gowns - Have An Open Mind!

 Keep an open mind about styles and cuts if it's your first appointment. Do you think a ballgown isn't for you? Don't be afraid to try one on! Even if you don’t think you want to wear one, how often do you get the chance to try on a gorgeous ball gown? Probably not much! The thing is, you never know what you might fall in love with. Our bridal consultants are well-trained in helping brides find that perfect gown, so it’s important that you trust them! At the end of the day, this is a fun shopping experience - why not try on as many as you can to find the perfect fit?


Make Sure You Pick The Right Squad To Join You

 Listen, we know that you might have a ton of ladies who want to join you for this shopping trip. But it’s important that you not only keep this squad to a minimum but also VERY carefully choose who tags along. This is a special day, and the last thing you want is to have your appointment ruined by a guest who’s negative or makes you feel bad about yourself. We encourage you to be extremely picky about these people! While you can bring up to 5 people to your appointment at Dublin Bridal, we recommend keeping it around 2-3 so that you don’t have too many opinions in the room. And guess what else? If you don’t want anyone to come along with you, that’s totally acceptable! You shouldn't feel obligated to bring anyone along just because they think they should be there. This is your big day, and if having a room of people watch you try on gowns is anxiety-inducing, you can avoid that altogether. This appointment is an hour and a half, so while it might go by quickly, it’s also worth it to have your time wisely spent.


Checklist For What To Bring

 Here’s a handy list to keep in mind of what to bring before your appointment:

✓ Inspiration Board (this can be a Pinterest board, a vision board you’ve crafted, or simply an iPhone full of beautiful photos of dresses you love!)

✓ Proper Undergarments

✓ Appropriate Shoes

✓ Hair Ties

✓ A Budget

✓ Your Squad

✓ An Open Mind!


Now, if you’re ready to find your dream wedding dress, book your appointment with us and see what all the fuss is about!