Wedding Planning Amidst COVID-19

Wedding Planning Amidst COVID-19

Aug 24, 2020

Wedding Planning Amidst COVID-19

What an insane time period we are in today, lockdowns, face masks, and social
distancing, and oh yeah, you’re wedding! This pandemic has disturbed a lot of the
world's plans and sanity. You are probably feeling overwhelmed and confused about
how to pull off your dream day during this pandemic. If you are one of those couples
who are stuck planning your wedding amidst COVID-19 fortunately this blog could
provide you with some key points and reminders to make sure your wedding is




You may have already had your date, guest list picked out, vendors and venues
on board and ready to go and then COVID happened. This virus is not a fault of anyone
but unfortunately we are all forced to cope with the changes that are given to us to help
support the curb of its spread. One of the biggest strategies being implemented right
now is social distancing. This recommendation makes it very difficult to pull off events
and gatherings in confined indoor areas. A wedding hall won't make it any easier since
the radius of social distancing is 6 feet apart. To add insult to injury a lot of businesses
and venues are still closed to help curb the spread of the virus, be sure to confirm that
your selected venue is still operating during this period. The best option to avoid the
hassle and stress of re-evaluating all of these aspects of your wedding is to reconsider
the date of your wedding for a later time when things have begun to return to normal.



Unavailable Services

You may have come to already receive notifications that some of the services
you had selected to support the flow of your wedding may currently be unavailable. This
can be a very stressful situation to be involved in after you have carefully selected these
specific services. If you have not already done so, through your process of selecting
services always have a minimum of 3 options per service. As you are inquiring,
questioning them regarding their policies during COVID is very important, this will help
prevent sudden surprises. If you are already past that point, and plan to continue having
your wedding on your planned date, don’t give up! Keep calling around to see if that
service can be provided from a different business or if you could go without it
completely. In some cases there are some things we could go out on a limb and do
ourselves. For example: If you hired someone to set up the tables at your venue and
this service is currently not operating due to COVID, consider contacting some friends
or family members that are dependable and would be ok with helping you set up the
tables for your approaching wedding day.


Sorry No Samples

Wedding cake tasting? Sampling catering and trying on dresses? These services
may be very limited or non-existent during this pandemic. If your service providers for
these things are still allowing this, consider yourself among the few, very lucky. One
thing that cannot go undone is the fitting of your gown or tuxedo. Contact the Bridal
Shop that you are working with and question them about their policies among COVID
and see if you all can come to an agreement regarding coming in to try on gowns or
tuxedos. A Lot of the Bridal shops will be understanding and sensitive to the situation
and should be more than happy to make a private appointment for you to come in and
try on a few gowns or tuxedos.

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