Wedding Fears

Wedding Fears

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Nov 24, 2020

If you are getting married soon, sure there are many different evolving thoughts and
even fears that could be engulfing your mind. Not much different than having your first
child, this experience for you is new and nothing like this may ever happen again in your
lifetime. A Lot of the time, old limiting beliefs can hinder you from fully grasping the
“moment” without those fearful thoughts. Here are a few fears that people encounter as
their wedding day approaches.

Did I make the right decision?

A Lot of individuals delay finding “the one” from fears that after many years that
person will no longer be their one hearts desires. The truth is that over half of the
nation's marriages are successful. It’s unlikely that you would have found someone
better than the partner that you chose because you love your partner more than enough
to share your life with them through marriage!

Will My Marriage Share The Fate Of My Parents

Growing up in a split family can be tough, watching the separation of your
biological parents and getting used to a new parent is a real challenge. This may
impose negative and limiting beliefs into your train of thought that drag you to believe
that your marriage will end up the same way. Making an early attempt to understand
that just because a divorce happened to your parents does not make it hereditary for
you. There were certain good and bad decisions that your parents may have made to
reach that point. Instead, try learning from your past experiences and avoiding them in
your marriage.

Will My Attire Still Fit?

Upon saying “YES!” Wedding planning for you begins shortly after. For most
people the most exciting part of planning their wedding starts at finding a Gown or Tux.
If you are not the procrastinating kind of person, you probably already began searching
for your attire although your wedding could be scheduled a year away. What happens if
you have found the Gown of your dreams but your wedding is a bit far off. It’s hard to
estimate what the following year will bring, our lives experience a lot of changes such as
children, or changes to our body. In this instance you can always have alterations to
your attire or wait for a later date to choose your Gown or Tux.


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