Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

Wedding Color Palettes for Different Seasons

We definitely understand how difficult it can be to figure out what your wedding color palette should be! There are so many endless options out there, and if you’re someone who loves all sorts of colors, it can seem like an impossible decision. 


One thing we’ve found super helpful is considering what season you’re getting married in! Even though the wedding season technically lasts all year long, there are so many variations of colors you can opt for depending on what season you’re getting married in. 


Our goal today is to explain how choosing colors for your wedding can be influenced by the season. When deciding what color palette to use, take inspiration from the weather and your surroundings. The season almost decides for you! Here are some ideas:





When it comes to picking colors for a summer wedding, there are some incredible options for you to choose from! Summer weddings are a great opportunity to go for vibrant colors that make a statement. Think shades of blue, pink, green, orange, or yellow! You can also pair some pretty golden hues alongside your bright shades. 

Consider this the perfect season to be creative and bold. Punchy primary colors and tropical shades will be absolutely stunning. 





It's easy to see why autumn is one of the most popular wedding seasons: the weather is pleasant but not too hot, guests can wear formal attire, and the leaves change color, making for a perfect fall wedding backdrop! You probably already have an idea of the colors you want for your autumn wedding. There are many gorgeous colors for an autumnal wedding, such as purple, burgundy, red, and rust. Pair these shades with metallic pops, muted colors, or a rustic inspired palette and you’ll be all set! 





Winter weddings have so much room for potential with the color palette! You can choose from a wide variety of colors, ranging from pretty & icy pastels to bold shades of red, purple, or burgundy. Think opulence and warm colors! You can even consider incorporating red and pink in your color scheme if you’re getting married near Valentine’s Day. 





Who doesn’t love a spring wedding? With the flowers in bloom and the comfortable nature of the weather (not too hot, not too cold), it’s such a nice time to get married. Incorporate lots of pretty spring florals into your wedding color palette and consider pretty shades of soft pink, creams, yellow, and coral. 

You can use these color palettes as inspiration for your wedding! Choosing colors that bring you joy and make you feel good is so important. While there are really no rules, it's helpful to get some ideas so you know where to start. Lastly, if you're still unsure, remember you needn't follow one theme - after all, your wedding is YOUR big day! 

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