The Bridesmaids Dress Guide

The Bridesmaids Dress Guide. Mobile Image

Jun 23, 2020

The Bridesmaids Dress Guide

Every event has it’s theme, but a wedding is one of the most important events to follow
the dress code. You’ve been given the color scheme to choose from, now how do you
begin to consider what type of dress to wear? The answer to that depends on your inner
sense of fashion. This guide will give you a few idea sparks.
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Sleeves Or Sleeveless
The decision to wear a dress that has sleeves or not should typically be based
around the forecasted weather for the wedding date. If it’s going to be a hot sunny day
you may want to reconsider this look, the worse case scenario is that you’ll be a walking
waterfall during such a special event! Vice Versa, if that day is going to be a bit chilly,
then you’ll need more coverage in your dress. There are other various aspects to
consider when choosing between sleeve types. Consider whether you would like to
showcase your arms and neckline if you're going sleeveless.If you prefer more of a
closed charming look a dress with sleeves would be a better choice.

Long or Mid Length
There’s something to be said about a long length dress. It adds a luxurious look
and a modest appealing appearance. This style can give any woman a tall and
slender look as she strolls down the aisle. Mid-length dresses can bring
glamorous attention and appear flowy and fun. When considering mid-length
dresses pay close attention to the length of the dress, as it should never reach
above the knees for this type of event.

The most common type of fabric used for bridesmaids dresses are Chiffon, Tulle,
and Organza. Chiffon is a lightweight sheer fabric that's great for summer wedding
events leaving much room for airflow. Tulle is great for the light lace look and is usually

worn under most formal dresses. Organza is recommended if you’re going for a
shimmery light look. All three of these fabrics are gorgeous in a bridesmaid dress and
can look appealing to most bridal styles.