Seasonal Weddings

Seasonal Weddings

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Dec 28, 2020

The first step to planning a wedding is deciding the date and place! The best seasons for weddings tend to be June, September, and October. You can probably guess why. The weather during those months are the best throughout the year. During those months, it tends to be nice moderate weather that is not too hot, or cold, but meets perfectly in the middle. This makes for a comfortable wedding day, giving you the peace of mind that weather is the last thing you will have to worry about. If you are looking to merge your wedding atmosphere with the seasonal vibe check out how these weddings below did so.


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Summer Weddings


          The smell of delicious barbecue, the refreshing morning dew, and the wet sand right near the shore are amazing sensory experiences we get during the summer. This season is limitless when it comes to having a wedding. Beach weddings during the summer are very attractive and doable during this season as well, whereas other seasons may run a bit of a risk. When planning a summer wedding consider capturing the imagination of summer into your wedding. When people think of summer they think of beaches, sunshine, and flowers. Incorporating these aspects into your wedding design may create lasting memories.



Photo From: Here Comes The Guide





Fall in Love


          If rays of sunshine just aren’t really your thing, you may be considering a wedding in the fall. Weddings during this season carry a lot of potential to get very creative during your design planning. Consider capturing the seasonal colors and objects into your wedding to create an embodied atmosphere. A popular wedding trend most recently has been incorporating natural decor such as pinecones, leaves, and wood. This just may be your opportunity to have a barn wedding as well. Barn weddings are intriguing and have become more common as new age couples seek to keep weddings minimal. The best color codes to follow when planning a fall wedding are burnt orange, white, burgundy and mustard yellow.


Lovely Fall Wedding Decor

Photo From: Southern Living


Beautiful Barn Wedding

Photo From: Bridebox Wedding Album







Winter Charm


          According to a study conducted by The Knot, only 9% of weddings take place throughout the country during the winter. It’s not a common season for weddings because of the harsh cold weather, and people tend to become homebodies during the winter and do not prefer to come out. The daring individuals that decided to have their weddings did have a mystical advantage to this seasonal wedding. Winter weddings leave a ton of room to get quite creative with the atmosphere and use lots of aspects to your advantage. Lots of winter weddings incorporate shimmer, shine, and lights. The decor can resemble the Christmas spirit, or the holiday of your choice. Embodying deep reds and champagne colors bring a gorgeous luxury style to your wedding. Candle lights and string lights really bring out a shimmery charming winter wedding, giving your guests the impression that they may have attended winter wonderland for a day.


Winter Charming Wedding

Photo From: Madame Bridal



Charming Winter Wedding Decor

Photo From: Sacramento Bride and Groom


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