Kenneth Winston/Ella Rosa Retirement - Best Sellers before Time Runs Out

Kenneth Winston/Ella Rosa Retirement - Best Sellers before Time Runs Out

In a letter from Ty Yeh, President of Private Label by G/Kenneth Winston, the news of retirement came as a bittersweet surprise. After four decades of bringing dreams to life, the time has come for Kenneth Winston to bid adieu. But fear not, gorgeous brides, because until the very last gown is shipped, they're here to make sure every bride's moment is as magical as ever!


Reflecting on the journey that began in 1984, Private Label by G emerged as a rising star in the bridal scene. Through the years, with unwavering support, they transformed into the iconic Kenneth Winston we've all come to know and love.


From personalized touches to breathtaking designs, Kenneth Winston has been synonymous with quality, style, and above all, making dreams a reality. As they embark on this new chapter of retirement, they leave behind a legacy of joy, love, and countless cherished memories.


Effective immediately, all re-orders will be processed until July 31, 2024. Every order will be meticulously handled, with completion and shipment expected by September 30, 2024.


As we bid farewell to this beloved brand, let's take a moment to reminisce about some of the timeless best sellers that our brides have chosen!


Style #1945 - This classic beauty has stolen hearts with its elegance and timeless appeal. A true embodiment of sophistication, Style #1945 is a choice that never goes out of style.



KW636EB HAYLIE - With its enchanting allure and intricate details, the Haylie gown is a dream come true for brides seeking a perfect blend of romance and sophistication.



Style #2025 - Radiating with modern glamour, Style #2025 captivates with its contemporary yet timeless design. Perfect for the bride who wants to make a statement on her special day.



KW6991 CARINA - Effortlessly chic and utterly captivating, the Carina gown exudes grace and confidence. With its flattering silhouette and exquisite craftsmanship, it's a surefire way to steal the spotlight.



As we bid farewell to these beloved styles and the brand that brought them to life, let's celebrate the memories and the magic they've created over the years!

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