Grooms Tuxedo Trends In 2020

Grooms Tuxedo Trends In 2020

Grooms Tuxedo Trends In 2020. Mobile Image

Dec 09, 2020

Are you the lucky husband to be in 2021? Then it’s probably a good idea and a great time to start reviewing the style trends for the year-end of 2020. Oftentimes people are under the impression that Groom’s finding a wedding tux is like a walk in the park. There are a lot of alterations, patience, and searching that goes into finding the perfect tuxedo, just as it would a bride finding her gown. Before going on your lengthy search, find out what trended this year and whether you will be switching or sticking to these booming trends.


Stand Out


          Not your average or typical styles, most Grooms enjoy staying on the classical side of the spectrum, but in these 2020 trends, we saw some crafty and unique styles step onto the platform. The top trends that were incorporated into the Tuxedo’s of this year's Grooms are listed below.


  • Florals
  • Checks
  • Tailored Suits




Showing Some Skin


          There was a time when children made jokes about “high water pants” suggesting that the person wearing them possibly was awaiting a flood! Grooms have begun showing a little skin, creating a small space between their pants and shoes, showcasing some ankle. This trend has become one of the top Groom’s fashion statements this year, and not just in the USA. This fashion trend is actually predominantly common in other parts of the world such as the Middle East. Almost every groom in a middle eastern wedding will have this as a part of the tailoring of their Tux.

 all black suit

Photo From Pinterest

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Patterns Please?


          A very uncommon style for a wedding is a suit, as it’s far less formal than a tuxedo is for this type of occasion. However, through wedding fashion shows and photo album apps on the internet such as Pinterest or Instagram, there has been a significant increase in pattern printed tuxedos AND suites. This is a bold trendsetting statement and should be incorporated carefully. If you are considering this style, make sure you’re aware of the color schemes of your wedding so that you do not appear as the red dot of a laser against a white wall.


Photo From Pinterest




Loafers Are Back


          You may notice one of the trends listed above in this photo for the loafers as well. A partner in new trends has become the loafers and the space showing the ankles. This brilliant pair creates a sleek tailored look and are paired well together.


high rise with loafer

Photo From Pinterest