Glamorous Bridal Accessories

Glamorous Bridal Accessories

Glamorous Bridal Accessories. Mobile Image

Dec 09, 2020

Most women would agree that a gown without an accessory makes your overall look a bit plain. This is a great time to get creative with the style you’re going for and to have a little fun with it. There are no required accessories when it comes to dressing with them, however, these accessories below seem to be the most popular ones.


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 1. Statement Veils


An age-old classic wedding accessory that seems to never die out is the wedding veil. Through the years of wild and famous weddings, we can account for a few that are etched within our memories. For example, Princess Diana’s wedding veil was a stunning 153 - yard tulle veil. Of course, unless you're going to be the next Princess this kind of veil might not be necessary. There are other kinds of veils that can leave similar impressions though.


This is a gorgeous lace cathedral veil. This veil has just enough lace to make it appear elegant but subtle. This kind of veil works great in Irish weddings.


cathedral gown



This is a bold Double Horsehair Ribbon veil perfect for loosely fitted gowns or flowy gowns that do not have a defined fit or shape. This kind of veil is rare but when worn leaves a memorable impression. This veil earned its interesting name due to the fact that it’s trimmed with wide synthetic horsehair ribbon.


horsehair ribbon veil




 2. Barrettes and Combs


The last time a bride probably remembers wearing a barret or comb was when she was just 5 or 6 years old. However, this has been much more noticeable in a lot of recent bridal trends. Considering adding a barret as a finishing touch to your bridal apparel instead of a veil could be a clever idea, especially if you’re having a beach wedding! You won’t have to worry much about the wind blowing your veil or dragging in the sand. These elegant seamless barrettes are just as eye-popping as a veil would be.


This fabulous piece will add sparkle and glamour to your Bridal updo. Brides that are going for a glamorous look shoot for these lovely barrettes as it adds a touch of elegance and shimmery galor to your attire. 


barrettes and combs




 3. Bonus


Here are a few bonus accessories to view. Tiara’s have been matched with veils but can be worn by itself. Bridal tiaras really exemplify the look of a princess and are widely popular in Bridal attires. Sparkling Jewelry can also heighten up the style and can be quite creative and fun.


jewelry goldbonus jewelry




feet jewelry

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