Fall Tuxedo/Suit Trends

Fall Tuxedo/Suit Trends

If you’re gearing up for a future fall wedding, then you’ll need to find the perfect tux or suit! But who has time to factor in trends when choosing fall wedding attire? The season's unpredictable weather and current events make it tough enough.


That’s where we come in! 


Today we’re covering some of the fall tuxedo/suit trends to keep your eye on. 

Keep scrolling - you just might get inspired! 


Jewel Tones


Summer suns are beasts, and the less you draw their attention, the better. You can slip past the rays in stealth mode wearing neutral suits. In the fall and winter, this doesn't matter as much, and you can wear bold and dark suit colors.


Fall is all about rich jewel tones, so skip the navy and charcoal. A low-key statement can be made with emerald and plum, two unexpected colors. A marigold suit is the perfect way to embrace autumn's crunchy foliage.


And if this feels too bold for you, consider pairing jewel toned accessories with your classic style suit! Match the season's jewel tone trend with a classic suit or tuxedo and let your accessories take center stage.




Fall is all about velvet. You'll keep warm in the cooler months with this cozy, warm texture. It's fun to watch people touch your sleeves without asking, and maybe your only chance to say "Go ahead, it's velvet."


If velvet seems intimidating, it's probably because you think it's impractical or too opulent for a typical wedding. You can't wear it with your everyday denim, and that's kind of the point. What's the point of getting dressed up to blend in?


If an all-velvet suit doesn’t suit your vibe, you can always opt to pair velvet accessories with your classic tux or suit! By pairing velvet accessories with a classic tuxedo, you can incorporate the season's velvet trend into your fall wedding attire.




In addition to trending fabrics (velvet) and colors (jewel tones), you can stand out with patterns this season. Are you having a casual wedding? An autumn afternoon would be perfect for a gingham check pattern. Is this a formal gathering? Your midnight blue dinner jacket can be elevated above the tux-clad crowd by a subtle pin dot pattern. You can wear a pattern for fall wedding attire in a variety of ways, from casual to formal to festive (looking at you, Black Watch tartan).


You can always pair patterned accessories with your classic suit or tux, as well! Outfit accessories can be inspired by the season's pattern trend, and they can be paired with a classic suit or timeless tuxedo.

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