Ethereal Gowns

Ethereal Gowns

Every bride desires to feel like a radiant vision on her wedding day, and what better way to achieve that ethereal glow than with a captivating wedding dress? At Dublin Bridal, we understand the allure of ethereal wedding dresses and are thrilled to showcase some of our most enchanting gowns. Join us as we take a closer look at the ethereal masterpieces that will make your heart skip a beat!


Zuma by Abella:


Model wearing Zuma wedding dress by Abella


Delicate and divine, the Zuma gown by Abella is a true embodiment of ethereal beauty. Crafted with layers of soft tulle, this A-line gown floats effortlessly as you walk down the aisle. The sweetheart bodice adorned with intricate beading and corset boning adds a touch of whimsical romance. The Zuma gown is perfect for the bride who wants to radiate grace and elegance on her special day.


Carson by Beloved by Casablanca:


Model wearing Carson wedding dress by Beloved by Casablanca


For the bride who seeks a blend of ethereal charm and modern sophistication, the Carson gown by Beloved is a stunning choice. The ethereal layers of soft tulle create a sense of movement and grace. You’ll love the off shoulder sleeves and structured bodice on this gown! With its flowing skirt and romantic details, the Carson gown is a timeless option for the bride who desires a touch of ethereal magic.


Meredith by Eddy K Italia:


Model wearing Meredith wedding dress by Eddy K Italia


The Meredith gown by Eddy K embodies ethereal romance with its dreamy design. This soft ball gown silhouette features a soft, flowing tulle skirt that glides effortlessly with every step. The bodice is adorned with intricate floral lace appliqués, creating a mesmerizing effect. The Meredith gown is perfect for the bride who wants to feel like a princess on her wedding day.


Nasrin by Abella:


Model wearing Nasrin wedding dress by Abella


Elegant and ethereal, the Nasrin gown by Abella is a true showstopper. This incredible ball gown features delicate lace detailing that adorns the illusion bodice and extends to the skirt, creating a stunning effect. The sweetheart neckline and low back add a touch of sensuality, while the full skirt adds a soft and ethereal touch. With its exquisite lacework and effortless silhouette, the Nasrin gown is perfect for the bride who wants to exude understated elegance and grace.


At Dublin Bridal, we believe that every bride deserves to feel like a goddess on her wedding day. Visit our boutique and let us help you find the perfect ethereal gown to make your wedding day an unforgettable experience filled with magic and romance!