Cleaning and Preservation

Cleaning and Preservation

When it comes to wedding dresses, there are plenty of options for what to do with it post-wedding. Some brides will end up donating or selling their gown, while others might repurpose it into cocktail attire or lingerie! However, our team at Dublin Bridal in Ohio finds that most brides usually want to keep that special dress forever since it represents such happiness and love! 

If that’s the case for you, properly cleaning and preserving your gown is of utmost importance. It’s a piece of clothing that’s intricately designed and delicate, so it can’t be cleared like any other dress you may have. If you don’t preserve your dress, you could risk having the fabric turn yellow, permanent creasing of the fabric, or mold and mildew (yuck). If you need a rundown of the cleaning and preservation of a wedding dress, read on!



It’s important to note that while preserving your wedding dress is completely optional depending on what you want to do with it after your wedding, cleaning your wedding dress is essential. We recommend that all wedding dresses get cleaned immediately after use by a professional. It’s highly likely that there are a couple of stains after your wedding, whether it’s sugar from your cake frosting, champagne, makeup, sweat or other oils. They might not be immediately visible, but trust us when we say that they can show up as stains as time passes by! Make sure you take your dress off right after the reception and make arrangements to get it to the dry cleaner the next day.



Preservation is much different from cleaning a wedding dress because it has to be done by a professional, experienced specialist who can create a plan of treatment unique to your dress. They should take into consideration your dress’s stitching, fabric, and any other details like embroidery or stains along the hem of the dress.


What these professionals are trained to do is to spot what you can’t see. They have the ability to spot even the most seemingly invisible of stains! 


The sooner you get your dress to a preservationist, the better. Brides sometimes wait over a month to get their dress cleaned and preserved, which is not ideal. These stains can really set in rather quickly.



Usually, preserved wedding dresses are stored in airtight boxes that have the oxygen completely sucked out of them. This helps prevent any oxidation from occurring, which causes aging and discoloration. 



At the end of the day, what’s most important is that you decide early on what you want to do with your dress after the wedding and move quickly once it’s over, or you might regret it!


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