Bridesmaids Trending Styles In 2020

Bridesmaids Trending Styles In 2020

Bridesmaids Trending Styles In 2020. Mobile Image

Nov 25, 2020

As the end of the year quickly approaches, it might be a good idea to start reviewing
some of the wedding trends that were blooming throughout the year. If you are a
Bridesmaid to be, and enjoy being in the “know” and on top of yearly fashion trends,
then you might want to start considering which trends you will toss or keep in 2021.
However, if you lean more toward being a trendsetter then consider tweaking some of
these trends. Who knows, maybe your next outlandish style might become the new
desirable style in 2021.

Refusing To Blend In


There have been many trending styles for Bridesmaid dresses in 2020 that I
personally agree have been quite appealing. Typically Bridesmaid dresses can tend to
be very subtle but these trends have kicked it up a notch. Some of these trends are
bold, and were not very common throughout weddings in previous years. In the list
below you will find some trends that have really become quite popular this year.
● Embroidered Bridesmaids dresses
● Terracotta Tones
● Wrap Style Bridesmaids Dresses
● Slip Dresses
● Volume style Bridesmaid Dresses




The Jumpsuit has become a more noticeable pick for a Bridesmaid quite often
this year. I must say, the jumpsuit gives a sleek, moderate look to its owner. Most
women love the jumpsuit because it could give the impression of a more tall and slender
silhouette as they tend to give a very flattering look.

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Halter Neck

Another very popular trend is the halter neck style. This kind of dress adds a
significant amount of elegance to any look. This look can appear very glamorous, and
make note that the collarbone and decollete area on a woman is one of the most
alluring parts. The halter neck brings out that area and magnifies it quite well.


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Bridesmaids In Black


Yet another bold statement is being made when Bridesmaids take on the cutting
edge style of a black or darker toned dress. More weddings are taking on the new
contemporary style and women are doing more fearless styles creating memorable


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