A Confident Bridesmaid

Jul 28, 2020

You have been selected among a few other women to be a bridesmaid at your friend or
family members wedding. How exciting huh? Although being a bridesmaid is not only
about accompanying the Bride on the most special day of her life, it also includes other
duties that you should take on to help make this coming day as smooth as possible.
Below, we will give you some great tips to inform you and prepare you to be a confident
and reliable Bridesmaid.
Be Informed
A Bridesmaid is oftentimes expected to provide clear, sound, and valuable advice
and assistance to the bride, who’s probably knee deep in stress as she handles the
extensive planning of her wedding. To provide the most valuable advice, and your best
opinion, it’s important to stay on top of key points about the wedding planning that the
bride chooses to involve the Bridesmaids in. Three most important key points to always
remember are:
1. The date of the wedding
2. The locations of the wedding
3. Who the other Bridesmaids are
These three details are important to keep on hand because if you are ever given an
errand from the Bride you should be informed of how time sensitive that errand may be.
If it requires going to the location of the wedding, that detail should be handy to avoid
constantly bugging the bride for the address. You should also be collaborating with the
other Bridesmaids when necessary. When your advice is needed being informed about
different aspects of the wedding enables you to provide great advice!
The Comforter
So the day the Bride has been looking forward to has arrived. She’s most likely
flooded with butterflies and as nervous as it gets. The Bridesmaids are essential on this
day and could provide stress relief just through their presence. As the Bridesmaid you
should carry an eager heart to serve her and provide calming mechanisms. A few ways
to de-stress the Bride on her wedding day is through simple kind gestures such as
offering to help her in any way possible. Tell her how beautiful she looks and reassure
her that everything is going to go smoothly as planned.
Your Choice Of A Dress
After receiving the color code for your wedding attire, you can now begin
choosing your dress. Make sure to follow these three rules of thumb when deciding on
what type of dress to buy.
1. Stay within the color code. (A small difference in the tone of color won’t matter,
but steer away from going towards a completely different color than what was
2. Cover more than show less. (During a formal event such as this, it’s important to
respect the atmosphere and others, always be sure to assess the length of your
dress. Be mindful of the 3 fingers above the knee, and on the shoulder rule
unless the Bride has stated otherwise.
3. Give the Bride a good impression. The Bridesmaids can almost be a small mirror
of the bride for the audience. Keep this in mind when selecting your dress, try to
avoid Plain Jane attire or inappropriate attire in general. It’s also imperative to not
attempt to out shine the Brides wedding dress. Finding a good place in the
middle of these restrictions will help you find the perfect dress for the wedding
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