3 Wedding Trends

3 Wedding Trends

Oct 15, 2020

You’ve been considered the fashionista of the year and you love to stay on top of the
latest styles and fashion trends in the market, or perhaps you prefer a modern wedding.
Your wedding is going to be your chance to showcase your style, and show off your
favorite trends. If you are in search for the latest trends for weddings, as the year soon
approaches an end this blog will give you 5 of them that are quite popular.


Color me brightly

There is something to be said about pastel colors especially when they are used
in a wedding scene. These kinds of colors are often looked upon and said to be
“soothing” colors. Romanticized in weddings they reflect off the energy, atmosphere and
décor brilliantly. These colors have begun to run rapidly through weddings and
embodied through the attire as well. Those pretty pinks are not only for baby showers,
they also can be the color of stunning wedding gowns. Here is a list below of some of
the trending colors seen in weddings this year.

● Light Beige
● Champagne
● Cinnamon Rose
● Dusty Rose
● Blush Pink
● Terracotta
● Greenery
● Sage Green
● Light Blue


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The Natural The Better


The second most popular wedding trend is the use of organic and natural décor,
floral arrangements and materials. Think again if you attend a wedding and assume
most food arrangements are not edible, because they just might be! The use of artificial
florals are diminishing as beautiful articulate and natural florals and flower petals are
being implemented instead. The use of real wood, glass, leaves, or pine cones.


Minimalist Weddings

Another unusual wedding trend that has surfaced this year, are small minimalist
weddings. In a culture where getting rich quick persona’s are running wild in the hearts
of millennials, saving and paying close attention to finances could be a dominant reason
why a lot of couples are resorting to minimalist weddings. It’s becoming popular to see
only a centerpiece, or just a decorated wedding arch as the décor of the entire wedding.
Accompanying this trend are the downsizing of guests list. It was common many years
ago to have large weddings, inviting up to 2 generations of families, but today many
couples are now just sticking to close relatives and a few friends.